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Boston’s Live Lobster: Iconic, briny, clawed crustacean, vivid red shell, tender, sweet, and juicy meat—a seafood delicacy adored worldwide.


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The Boston Lobster, known for its culinary excellence, is a true seafood delicacy. Its vibrant red hue and succulent, sweet meat make it a prized catch in the world of gastronomy. This crustacean boasts a rich, distinctive flavor and a tender, juicy texture that melts in your mouth, making it a sought-after choice for gourmet enthusiasts.

Boston Lobsters shine in various culinary preparations, from being poached to perfection, baked with flavorful herbs and butter, grilled to smoky perfection, or delicately steamed to preserve their natural taste. Their meat can also be thinly sliced for sashimi lovers. This premium seafood elevates any dining experience, turning an ordinary meal into an extraordinary gastronomic delight, perfect for special occasions and discerning palates alike. Indulge in the exquisite taste of Boston Lobster, a treasure of the sea.


1 piece 450 gram to 550 gram


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